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Toplists are the best way I've found to promote your website. They work similar to a link exchange except there are no ratios on exposure. Every time someone views the toplist, your site will be listed. Most sites will receive 2x-3x the visitors that they send. The ranking system allows you to track how well each list is performing for your site. It's best to have several toplists including one or two miscellaneous toplists to help boost your rank in the graphics and wallpaper lists. Most toplists track unique visitors for 24hrs. If they have already been to the toplist from another site in the past day, your site won't get a vote.

Each toplist you join also helps improve your rank in the major search engines. Most of the larger search engines base part of their ranking on how many sites with similar topics are linked to your site. The sites with the most links to them are considers "experts in their field" and are given a higher place on the search results.

Below is a directory of the toplists which I use so you can start right away. More sites will be added here and to the page I maintain as I find them. My page also has other links to directories and user galleries which you can use to promote your site.

A great graphics site. You can post you own images to promote your site or do the link exchange.
A very nice looking graphics toplist with several catagories to choose from. The list has a decent amount of traffic.
Another large wallpaper and graphic toplist.
Link Directory - A collection of toplists you can promote your site at. Many categories to choose from besides wallpapers.
Top 10 Wallpaper Sites Not a true toplist but works similar. Your position on the site is based on how many people you refer (based on server stats).

Link Master A directory for promoting your graphics or other website.

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