The Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk

For the more devote, I recommend "The Training of the Zen Buddhist Monk" by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. Originally printed in 1934, it covers in every detail the life and training of Buddhist monks in China and Japan. The book starts with the student's pilgrimage to a monastery and their initiation to the temple. This includes the required attire and tests which a student will go thru before acceptance into the brotherhood. The remainder of the book covers the different aspects of the Zendo life thru both narrative and koans, or puzzles, which a master uses to direct his students towards enlightenment. Although some of the koans can be confusing, they are very good for contemplation. If you are looking for a book to study, this is definitely a good one. The illustrations were done by Zenchu Sato during his training at a Buddhist monastary. If We Don't Have Your Book, Nobody Does.

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